Sunday, September 14, 2008


Participated in the "Comic Con Challenge"....a contest where we had to pick a classic comic book character, redesign him, and post a final illustration, a model sheet, and a sketch page of original ideas. Naturally...i chose the great, Omega Red.

My goal here, was to take him back to his murderous, evil, and somewhat feral early persona. (you know...back before the 'new' comic series pussy-ized him)

Character Sketch

Refining the design

Finished Image


Scott Altmann said...

Dude- that is sick . Seriously love it.

florent said...

love your process, truly awesome !

joverine said...

damn that character page owns
when I first saw it over on imagine nation I asked Bart who the eff this monster of an artist was...
so glad you showed your stuff there so that I could find it
so awesome its in my 'concept art benchmark' folder
putting your blog in my blogroll now

Ricky said...

AWSOME!!! The best damned illustration of Omega Red... EVER!!!