Thursday, July 14, 2011

Advanced Photoshop issue 85!

This month i was gifted with the chance to display my artwork in the form of a tutorial for my dear friend Adam Smith and the good fellas over at Advanced Photoshop magazine, just a hop skip and a jump away, over in the UK. The spread is a whopping six pages, and i really put my heart into the painting! go out and grab the issue, in stores as of today, and have a great time reading it! Ive been thumbing through my copy and there are lots of other great articles in the mag! so excited!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Selling Portraits

Earlier this summer, my house was broken into, and stolen was my 2500$ Nikon Camera, which i loved dearly. To try and raise some of my hard earned money back to buy another, i will be selling portraits for the next two months to anyone who inquires. Turnaround time is about half a week each, and your price, framed, boxed, and shipped, is 200$.

Size is about 12x12 inches (including frame), framed on black semi glossy frame.
If interested, i would need a straight on face shot, not too small, not too blurry, hopefully with top down lighting (just stander under a nice single light), so that i can get some good shadows and frame up your face nicely.

Hope to hear from you guys!