Saturday, April 24, 2010

Experimenting with my comic process

So i went to the store today, only to realize that im dead broke after buying my ticket to San Francisco... meaning i couldnt buy paints to do my streetfighter piece, and i refuse to paint it digitally!! So what to do..what to do... I spent the day instead, trying my hand at a quiiiick little comic, in hopes of figuring out some questions to ask my comic book illustrating friends. Afterall, you cant ask the teacher questions if you havent done the homework, right? All in all, i think my dialogue is a bit too wordy, and my lines arent clean enough, but in my defense, i did this on very small paper, and not comic size paper :) Just a sketch , but i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed doing it!

Here comes a new challenger

So ive been seeing all of the pieces everywhere that seemed to commemorate the coming of the last streetfighter game, a game that took a decade to make... and i started wondering... "wtf i love this game.. wheres MY piece?!" so, at long last, late last night, around about 2am, i decided to start on one. Here are the pencils so far. im headed to the supply store to pick up...get this... some acrylic paint. itll be my first actual painted piece in over 4 years...scary

Friday, April 16, 2010

Value study, a zombie fighting stripper,and some gangster dude...

"Deep".. a fun value study started with Naomi looking over my shoulder. :)

"Blowpop"... one of the 6 girls from my new story

Crackjaw, a cyborg mob leader, done for the boys over at Windstorm Studios