Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Been a while!

view the entire set of Halo Wars Released artwork here, at the official halowars site.

Man its been such an eventful past few months....good, bad, and ugly as microsoft/ensemble finally approaches its closing time. The Halo Wars game was FUN and overall, very challenging. Some images have been released, and i will repost them here as they leak out, so enjoy!

Property of Microsoft Gaming Company
(above)A pack of jackals, from the Halo Wars Universe.
(above)A Covenant Locust, also from the halo wars universe.
I had a LOT of fun creating this one...well, simply because its a "new" unit...and
like it or hate it...its my design!! woooo!!! man its such a crazy feeling going from playing halo countless hours during the day with ALL of my friends all through school, and experiencing the oooh's and aaaaa's of the game, to actually being behind the scenes, creating, growing and learning.

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