Monday, January 11, 2010

new couch!

woo hoo... the new couch came in this weekend, and im completely loving it.

I only post art here, but this morning i figured, "meh, what the hell, why not"
so here is my couch! lol


joverine said...

looks comfy haha
nice lookin pad too man
I luv seeing artists studios and I guess couches too hahaha
grats on the couch
new stuff rox


Marco Nelor said...

thanks joe yer the man :)

bruno said...

is it a C. mullins painting (Napoleon's cavalry) on the wall ?

Marco Nelor said...

very good eye!! thats the painting that mullins did for our video game, Age of empires. we all got one when we worked for ensemble

ethereal inks said...

hahah nice style :)

Saskia said...

Thats... quite a big room O_O

Cool blog btw. I really like your sketches, there a lot of energy going on with them :)