Saturday, April 24, 2010

Here comes a new challenger

So ive been seeing all of the pieces everywhere that seemed to commemorate the coming of the last streetfighter game, a game that took a decade to make... and i started wondering... "wtf i love this game.. wheres MY piece?!" so, at long last, late last night, around about 2am, i decided to start on one. Here are the pencils so far. im headed to the supply store to pick up...get this... some acrylic paint. itll be my first actual painted piece in over 4 years...scary


Amber Blade Jones said...

Oh wow such an intense energy but such smooth pencil lines. Ace work!

Benjie said...

pumped to see this finished dude. Totally forgot you could actually paint "fun" shit traditionally, rather than just boring ol heads and still lifes ;D