Saturday, June 5, 2010

Comics Comics Comics

as my comic project is drawing closer to an end, im happy to upload a few pics i took this morning of my space, while offering a VERY sneak peak at just what it is im drawing... Things are pretty tumultuous right now, figuring things out, making stupid mistakes, learning from them quickly... i guess what it boils down to is the sheer determination to actually do it right. Doing something new feels awkward, especially when you put yourself out there... all you can do is hope that your efforts are received well. You cant win 'em all, right? Right. But you can damned sure try. *toasts to the double entendre.*

1 comment:

joverine said...

lookin sweet dude!
although you breath must be deadly:
the combo of coffee and cigars
(done it so I know ;)

really diggin the shots you took too