Thursday, January 6, 2011

Old Sony Art Test

Wow, cleaning out my folders and found this old stuff. From an art test that i did to try out for the God of War team in Sony Santamonica. Of course, my career took me in a different direction, here at the mortal kombat studio in Chicago, but i had a very fun time doing this. i came across This Guy, Anthony Jones, also known as RobotPencil, who DID get the job (my direct competitor for the position) and now i realize why i didnt. hes an AMAZING artist, and after looking at his submissions, i understand that i have a LOT to learn :)


Aaron said...

you guys were both sick nasty at it..what are the deadlines like on these art tests :|

Ex.Boyfriend said...

Nope I think yours should've been picked!

He's a great artist, true, yet all his design was...titties. That's it! That kinda stuff should've thrown him out of the running in my books. I'm not prudish, yet what if a lady was reviewing the art test for crying out loud.

Feng Zhu said it best. A great designer doesn't rely on breasts and butts to sell their designs.