Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nicki Minaj

i know i know, another nicki minaj piece. but truth be told, shes just SO FUN TO PAINT. what a crazy face, lol. No seriously though, this piece is for a show that im in next month, part of a two piece set, this is the first in the edition. ive never done a caricature before, so any tips are appreciated!


A. Lewis, Poet and Gentleman said...

That crazy face is perfect, lol. And the "real" brass knuckles/multi-finger ring is like an ironic joke, since everyone says her body and career are fake. Very well done!

Orlando Sanchez said...

Hey Marco,
This is a great piece. It doesn't look like this is your first caricature. The cool thing that I noticed from looking at the image at a distance was that it read Nicki immediately. It's that hair, mouth, and the shadow over the top of the eyes. My observations; She looks like she has a really small neck, The background could use some attention to design, and the right hand could be softer like the way the face was treated. Right now the hand is competing with the nice work you put into the portrait. Great treatment of the jacket love the colors. The shadow of the hair and the colors in the hair would really pop if they were more saturated. Love the piece.

Anna Christenson said...

This piece looks sweet- you've rendered out the face and hair really well, and I think the caricature works for sure!

I'd have to second Orlando that the hand holding the mic's rendering style in contrast to the face stands out a bit- and I think perhaps the fact that the color of the hand seems a bit flat compared to her face and her other hand. Maybe bring more of those pinks and reds into the flesh tones.

The thing I love is how you've gotten different textures to work without blatant texture overlays. Nice stuff!

Kemp Remillard said...

hahahha this one's awesome :D Nicely painted sir

Campbell Crawford said...

Love Nicki, shes like a female Busta.
Mean bro lovin it! Id love to see a busta rhymes peice :D

Joshua Simon said...

hey there im joshua simon, a singer/dj on

I just made the first ever Nicki Minaj mashup and I wanna use your picture as a cover. I'll switch things up, but I just thought I'd love to get your greenlight.

Say yes?:)

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