Thursday, July 14, 2011

Advanced Photoshop issue 85!

This month i was gifted with the chance to display my artwork in the form of a tutorial for my dear friend Adam Smith and the good fellas over at Advanced Photoshop magazine, just a hop skip and a jump away, over in the UK. The spread is a whopping six pages, and i really put my heart into the painting! go out and grab the issue, in stores as of today, and have a great time reading it! Ive been thumbing through my copy and there are lots of other great articles in the mag! so excited!


Tyson Murphy said...

wow, i love your work!! favorited :)

M said...

Great style and color!The clawed hand is a nice cherry on top!

H. Joseph Cardona said...

Hi Marco,

Just bouth the AP Mag with your tutorial. Awesome stuff! I had a question. One of the reference images you included with the tutorial was a psd file called: surfacing. It illustrated lighting on 3 diffrent surface. one of them being the "dark, scratchy metal". Can you show or explain how you were able to brush in the scratchy texture,specifically, the highlight lines that go in circle around the main center highlight? FYI- im an industrial designer who's spending his extra time tying out illustration in photoshop.

thank you and great work!

Camilleon said...

Ah, so pretty...!

harsh dhawan said...

Hey that all are using in Games. But will you share a photoshop tutorials of these animations.

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