Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recharging my "Izm"

been taking a while off of the seriousness to do a little thing i call "recharging my izm."
Sometimes i think its very important to step aside from the art, and just lift your head to look around and remember the things that made you want to do art in the first place. So i activated a Tumblr account (to which the URL will remain anonymous) and loaded it up with a bunch of the things that i feel motivate me, and feed my "ism." If youd like to take a brief trip through my mind, here are just a few tidbids...


Mind Miner said...

Excellent idea! My bro made another blog for that same reason haha. It's mostly videogame artworks though. I got lazy with mine.

There was this meme going around on deviantart called an "influence map" and its similar to yours. Except that yours, I feel, goes a step further and deeper.

joverine said...

haha cool
I was just going to type 'my bro and I have a similar idea'
and I see that my bro just commented here too(mind miner)

well this a great exercise man
I dig it

now for some halo


Saskia said...

pulp fiction <3

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